16 May

Life sometimes throws us curveballs, and recently, I found myself dealing with one of those unexpected moments. I twisted my right ankle, landing me in a medical boot and unable to drive. Consequently, I had to request ADA accommodations to work remotely until I’m cleared to drive again. While remote work is a perk of my current role, doing it full-time has been quite an adjustment.As an introvert, I thought extended remote work would be perfect. However, I've discovered that I actually miss the small interactions at the office—the casual small talk, colleagues popping in to say hello, and even the occasional surprise donut in the break room. Instead, I’ve been navigating work from my couch, foot propped up, with my laptop balanced precariously.

Seeking Balance in an Unexpected Situation

Navigating this period of remote work and recovery has been a mix of challenges and unexpected insights. Here are some light-hearted observations and tips that have helped me maintain my sanity:

  1. Embrace the Camera Angle: I've come to terms with the fact that my webcam is not my friend right now. Instead of stressing, I’ve embraced it—my coworkers now have a great view of my inner-nose. It’s a conversation starter, at least!
  2. Stay Connected, Creatively: Missing the office banter? Schedule virtual coffee breaks or “water cooler” chats. I’ve taken to sending funny gifs or light-hearted messages in our team chat to keep the mood light and maintain that sense of connection.
  3. Optimize Your Workspace: Comfort is crucial when you're injured. For the first two weeks, I was stuck on a family member's couch because I couldn’t drive myself and my car home to my apartment. Now that I’m back in my own space, my couch has become my command center, complete with a fortress of pillows. Finding the right setup has been a game of trial and error, but it’s all part of the fun.
  4. Rely on Delivery Services: Being at the mercy of Instacart and Grubhub has been an adventure. While it’s not the same as cooking a homemade meal, there’s something oddly satisfying about discovering new restaurants and grocery items you wouldn’t typically buy.

Keeping Perspective

It’s important to keep a sense of humor during times like these. While my situation is inconvenient, I’m reminded that many people face much more challenging circumstances. Finding joy in the little things has made this period of recovery a bit more manageable—hoping I heal quickly though.

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